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See immediate, amazing results. When you buy a package of 4 skin tightening Laser treatments for the face and the neck you will see lasting results!


All for only $1200, a savings of 50%!

Renew, Refresh, Reveal!

Facial Laser Treatments



Reverse the signs of aging with cosmetic laser 

skin rejuvenation. Cosmetic lasers are proven

to effectively treat the wrinkles, photo aging and skin 

discolorations that time and sun have wrought. In addition to minimizing these imperfections, laser treatments also stimulate collagen production, making your skin appear

more supple and full. With this procedure, even if the years have taken their toll, you can now easily turn the clock back.  Lasers are safe for all skin types!

Our Skin Rejuvenation

Photofacials                  $300

Brown Spots                 $150+

Vascular Lesions          $150+

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