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Microdermabrasion and Ultra Sound

Single treatment $160.00

Series of 4


savings of $40.00

How does it work?

The treatment involves using a highly controlled flow of fine, medical grade crystals to remove the dead, outermost layer of skin – this removal is called “exfoliation”. The skin exfoliation process reveals the new, living cells that are soft, smooth and receptive to nutrients. The procedure is performed using a hand piece that the therapist passes over the skin.  This evenly removes the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin.  At the same time the underlying epidermis is also stimulated by the abrasion and the vacuum. This promotes new collagen which thickens the dermis and improves resistance to aging.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a skin restoration procedure that aims to produce smoother, younger looking skin.  It is also used for skin problems such as acne, blackheads/whiteheads, sun damage and fine lines. Microdermabrasion should be painless and the results can be seen in just one visit. There should be no side effects and no “down time” for recovery.

Post Treatment of

Ultra Sound is very important and included with this treatment. 

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